Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Christmas

So I kind of forgot all about Christmas but Emerson had a great first one if I do say so myself. We stayed in town on Christmas Eve for our first round of festivities.
Unfortunately Emerson was a present thief and had little interest in her own presents. Luckily her cousin was pretty understanding.
Somehow we managed to only get a Christmas Eve family picture but none of us on Christmas Day. But, anyways Emerson was in a great mood for staying up so late.
Emerson and her Grandparents

We've had a Christmas tree since the first week in December and somehow Emerson just discovered how neat they are on Christmas Eve. Since then she has been squealing and pointing at them with excitement. Too bad the tree is coming down soon.

On Christmas morning Emerson had a shocked look on her face when she saw all the fun stuff out. She went straight for her musical table and really enjoyed playing with it. We had to really coax her to open other gifts. Ok, we will pretty much opened them ourselves.
But, she had fun looking at the wrapping.
Baby toy or Dog toy?

Although Santa was very good to Emerson she would rather have what Mia got. Mia disagreed.

The rest of the weekend was full of family festivities and yummy food. Here is Emerson walking all over her Grandpa. We were really blessed this year and we're very thankful for all the love Emerson received. Our living room now looks like a toy store. Maybe we should just rewrap some things for her birthday because honestly the child has more than enough to play with and still I have said several times today, "Emerson, do not go up those stairs!" I guess nothing can keep her that occupied.
Emerson enjoyed a visit from her Great Aunt Reba. Can you tell we're related?
She also got to spend some time with her Great Grandma. I was impressed with her super social behavior but not surprised she pretty much resisted naps all weekend. With Emerson, not Grandma. Ha. We are still recovering. She is on her fourth nap today.

She also had a blast playing with her cousins. She is just fascinated by older children and is thoroughly entertained by them. I have no kidding hundreds more pictures I hope to post on facebook if it ever cooperates with me. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


BROOKE said...

Sadie got the learn and groove table too :)

Amy and Mark said...

It's a great toy! Is she pulling up yet?