Sunday, December 14, 2008

Name revealed.

So we have chosen a name. Not recently but I guess we are just getting around to letting everyone else in on the secret. We have had it picked out since my ultrasound in October. Her name will be Emerson Kaye Landis. Emerson just because I love it, and Kaye after my Mom. My SIL kindly pointed out her monogram will be ELK. haha. Which is better than a whole lot of other initials people's names spell. So we are very excited to call her by name and have that part of the equation squared away. This w.e. Emerson was treated to lots of music. We think she might have a thing for music since she went crazy each time. Friday we went to our church's christmas musical. She bounced around the whole time. Then Saturday we went to see John Legend, which was awesome!! She kicked and squirmed for the whole four hours. I can just see her now dancing as a toddler. Maybe she will have some moves like Mark. In growth updates she is probably around 2lbs and the midwife says by my next appt. at 30 weeks they should be able to feel her position. Right now she is still doing flips quite often and always keeping me surprised as to where she is. According to the nest she is the size of an eggplant. Which I can definitely attest to when she feels like bouncing on my bladder. Mark has also even heard the heartbeat by putting his head to my belly. Pretty cool.  I hope to have more frequent updates in the future. Stay tuned!

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