Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas Emerson!

So today I went out to attempt to finish all my xmas shopping. Luckily Emerson got a little treat, which some of it she can wear next xmas.  I got all 4 pieces for under $10! So if you need to buy clothes for a little one Old Navy is having some really good deals. Now if I could just figure out baby sizing I would be good. Do 3 month olds where 0-3 or 3-6??? I don't get it. Hopefully she'll fit into these. :) BTW sorry for the weird pic angles. I don't have a camera and this was my attempt with my laptop.

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Nichole said...

haha, no - 3month olds never wear what you assume to be correct! Finn never wore newborn, he was born into 0-3mo size. Was in 3-6 by 2mos, and from there it depends on the brand. He can still wear 3-6 in some brands (Carters) but can wear 18 mos in others (Gerber), wears 9 mos in Target/Circo, and 6-12 in Old Navy. Seriously, it is worse than women's sizing!