Friday, January 2, 2009

29.5 week Belly Pic

Here is my most recent baby bump pic taken on xmas day.  Officially in the third trimester I'm starting to feel the discomfort. Sleeping is tough, eating results in indigestion, and I'm pretty sore from carrying the extra weight around. Not that I want to complain because I'm nowhere ready for her to make her arrival. Currently with only 7 weeks until she is welcome to make an appearance I'm getting sad at the idea of missing her kicks and constant presence. Hopefully when its closer to the right time I will be in a better mood about it since I don't won't her to get the idea she can stay in there forever. :) I've moved into seeing the midwife every two weeks now until I'm full term and hopefully today they will be able to tell her position. I think she has turned around since I've been getting kicked in my ribs and she likes to tickle my lower abdomen with her fingers. Its very bizarre now that I can feel actually body parts. Proof that she is much bigger than a month ago. I can see pointy knees protruding from my stomach and feel her little feet as she stretches out. In nursery news I'm prepping to paint some trees on the walls and hang some letters very soon. I hope to have everything organized by the end of January. Giving us plenty of time to focus on other things. I'll leave you with a few pics of Mia and Marlow from xmas. Happy New Year!

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