Thursday, January 29, 2009

34 weeks nearing the end!

I'm now 34 weeks. That means we are 3 weeks away from being full term and 6 weeks from the guess date. I'm not really sure where the time went but I'm starting to freak out. I wouldn't call it nesting because I'm not organized enough to actually accomplish much. :) Hopefully I can get my butt in gear to finish up everything and be pretty prepared in the next few weeks. But we did get a car seat so if she decides to grace us with her appearance early we can take her home. I do still need to finish up my nursery painting and assemble everything. I know it doesn't matter a whole lot since she will be sleeping in the room with us for awhile but it makes me feel better for some reason.  I've also been going to the chiropractor since it was determined that Emerson is diagonal and my left hip is higher than the right. Which means my pelvis is not ideal for getting a baby turned around. So little Emerson is more comfortable crooked than in the proper position.  But, after two weeks I'm feeling a lot better and I hope Emerson finds some room to flip completely around.  Also I learned that pregnant women who have chiropractor care have their birth time reduced by 24% ! Which sounds awesome to me. In other news we have decided to choose cloth diapers. Primarily because its better for the baby, and second because it's cheaper! We did all the calculations and found we could save almost $2000.00 give or take in the first two years, and that accounts for water usage. I know its probably not the most mainstream choice but I'm really happy with our decision. Emerson will be healthier and more comfortable and we'll have more $ in our pockets. Win, win! Plus I've always been a little hippy anyways. ;) So I'm very excited to get all our supplies together.  If anything else she will be adorable in her diapers. How freaking cute are these?!? 

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