Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day of Dance

Last week Emerson had her first day of dance for the year. She started a tap/ballet combo class. Since every parent on facebook documented the first day of school, I figured we document our first day of dance. Bright leotard and all. 

Don't you love the glamorous backdrop of trashcans? It didn't bother Emerson. 

Here is Emerson literally with her dancing shoes on. She's the bright gal on the left. She had a good time with her tap shoes. Since she has the same teacher as last year she fell right back into it. 
The girls switched over to ballet for the second half of the class. Ezra had a good time watching Emerson dance. Since she is in a bigger class, there are plenty of siblings in the lobby. Ezra has plenty of playmates to occupy him. 

Post-Class with a sticker on hand. Here is to a another great year of dance!

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