Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our froggy friend

This little guy decided to pay us a visit. Our water table must have been super inviting on a summer day. He was a little smaller than my thumb. When I spotted him, I immediately ran inside for my camera.

Seriously, he was poising for me.  Although he did jump 3 feet in the air afterwards and gave me a heart attack. Yes, I was scared of this tiny frog. 

This girl was seriously excited. I had to deter her from picking him up. I told her he would turn into a prince if she did. Which oddly enough worked. Ezra was napping and missed the fun. But, luckily our frog decided to stick around for a day so could catch a glimpse. Just until he realized it might not be the safest patio with two crazy kiddos and a dog. 

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