Friday, September 7, 2012

Ezra 16 months

I realized that Ezra will be 17 months in a week. So I'll update you on his 16 month stats. To say that he is active would be an understatement. He is constantly moving around and always doing what big sister does. Which leads him to believe he is bigger than he is. His vocabulary is growing daily. Off the top of my head, baby, uh oh, and night night are a new ones but I'm sure there are a lot more. He now says more, while signing more to get his point across. He loves to stack blocks and has excellent motor skills. He also enjoys drawing a whole lot thanks to Emerson. He has a tender heart and is loving and affectionate. He has started to become more and more adventurous with food. Recently he has tried broccoli, beets, eggplant, and oranges. I'm so thankful he is willing to try things on occasion. Although his favorites are still hummus, watermelon, and popcorn. I have been making him whole wheat healthy breads and he could inhale 3 banana muffins in about 10 seconds. He tries to store his food in his cheeks and beg for more. He is probably about 22 lbs if I had to guess. He still has the rolls in his thighs but is slowly sliming down his belly.  Ezra loves to dance and sign. He honestly repeats a melody very well. I would love it if he ends up being musical. His hair is growing so fast. I thought I would have cut it a long time ago but it has a cute wavy texture and I just can't bare to cut it.  I think in some ways because it represents him growing up and little boys with clean cuts looks so much older to me. Ezra has 7 teeth in and is cutting 3 molars making for fun nights. He is down to one nap a day kind of to make it easier. He would probably take two if I let him. But, it's easier to get out and do things if it's in one chunk of time. So he goes down at 11 and gets up around 2. In firsts he finally played in the church nursery instead of crying! I'm so glad they finally get to see his true personality and he gets to enjoy the playtime.

Since I have been unsuccessful in capturing Ezra on my camera here are some iphone pictures. I even tried to take some official pictures at the beach, gorgeous sunrise and all. But, within 30 seconds my lens was fogged and Ezra was crying. All you can do is try, right?
Sitting in a baby doll stroller
Insisting on wearing a long sleeve shirt in 85 degree weather. 

Passed out! See his numerous boo boos from our accident prone week. 


Nichole said...

LOL at the beach fog - I always have to give my camera a good 5-10min to unfog at the beach!

The Landis Family said...

Does it unfog? Seriously the whole weekend my camera was a mess!