Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The accident

16 months started out with a bang. As I was packing up from a weekend away I hard a loud thump and a terrible cry. The kind of cry a momma never wants to hear. As I rushed into the room I found a hysterical little boy with blood gushing out, and a suspicious sister. This was my first encounter with a bloody accident and I was not too calm. It looked like a chunk had been taken out of his head. After about 10 minutes when he calmed down I thought maybe I was overreacting. But, after a conversation with his pediatrician we figured it was best to have him checked out for a head injury. As we went to the urgent care Ezra understandably fell asleep after the ordeal. I didn't think about the ramifications of carrying in a passed out child with a gash in his head. 

"He should probably have a CT Scan done at the hospital"

But,  soon after the prodding he woke up and we sorted out the details that he fell asleep and wasn't knocked unconscious. Oops, my bad. None the less he would need to fix up the wound in his head. 

Meanwhile we waited to be seen by a Doctor. Ezra perked up and had a good time playing in the waiting room. Yes, he carries a pink purse sometimes. After a short wait it was showtime. The Dr. determined that he would indeed need a stitch, since it was too wide for glue. You got it, one stitch.  Ezra did amazing for the numbing injection. But, was not thrilled with the actual stitch itself.  In the process of trying to close it up the wound reopened and blood went everywhere. The smell made me seriously nauseous. Not, to mention that needle was not tiny. After knocking the first attempt of a stitch out, we finally closed it up. Afterward the Dr. and nurse commented how strong he is. Ezra was seriously mad at the staff sticking his lip out at them and crying. They tried to appease him with a sucker and he calmed down in a few minutes. 

Here is his after shot. The next week he seriously fell on his head no less than 5 times including a dive down a slide, and a jump off the stairs. Four days later, on my birthday, we had it removed at the pediatrician. The life of a mommy of a boy. Please pray for this momma and her crazy boy.

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