Thursday, September 6, 2012

Emerson Age 3.5

 Age: 3.5
Favorite Color: green
What do you want to be when you grow up? A present
Favorite Movie: Move it, Move it. ( Honestly could be because she saw the Madagascar soundtrack come across Pandora)
Favorite Book: Strawberry (aka Strawberry Shortcake)
What makes you happy? Daddy!
What makes you sad? Ezra (hmmm... sibling rivalry)
Favorite food: Marshmallows
Favorite song: Move it
Best Friend: Khushi
This bubbly girl is growing up fast. She is chatty and inquisitive so there is never a dull moment. A social butterfly she always wants to know someone's name and is constantly making little friends everywhere she goes. She plays with her brother nonstop and tries to mother him. A little forcefully at times though. Emerson loves to draw right now. She colors so intensely and fills the page with burst of color. Literally she could color for an hour no problem. She'll do zig zag lines across the page as her "writing" and tell me she is writing our names. Everything is spelled E..R..N. She is convinced that she is going to school on a bus any day now. 
Recently she has had a growth spurt and now appears to be a string bean, with her foot growing a size and a half this summer. I finally started to pack up the 18 month clothes. We definitely got out use out of them! She is probably 25 lbs soaking wet so, still our petite little girl. Emerson still loves dressing up and fashion. She loves to pair unexpected combinations of shirts, skirts, and dresses together. She really has an eye for color. She picked out her coordinating bedding fabric. Seriously! I can only imagine how fun she will dress when she is older. She loves to add accessories such as a fun headband, and necklace. In the picture here an athletic headband as a necklace. She is fully immersed in the princess phase. Emerson likes to pretend that she is a beautiful princess (Jasmine, Cinderella, etc.), Ezra is  a prince, and I'm the queen. The queen is never nice folks. Sigh. I guess I should be honored to be included. 

She is a spirited girl and there is never a dull moment.  She has a big imagination and tells some crazy stories. I can only imagine what she will be saying when she is four. My favorite recently is..

"I'm not feeling well, I"m growing smaller."

That is a problem, isn't it?

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