Wednesday, April 28, 2010

14 months

Here are some pictures from our 14 month shoot. This red romper was mine as a little girl.
This boho chic (dress or top??) of course was not mine but a wonderful consignment find.
I found that getting eye contact while there are flowers, grass, and birds is near impossible.
But, she was all about telling me about what she saw.
And eating the local vegetation
Concealing her happiness
Proof that she is an emerging toddler
Complete meltdown because she couldn't have my camera. Looks traumatic doesn't it???

1 comment:

The Donley's said...

Don't you just love being the mean mommy that doesn't let your one year old play with the camera. Chatham completely loses it when I direct him away from playing in the toilet bowl!!!
*How dare us!