Tuesday, April 27, 2010

14 months

Emerson is 14 months today! Can I still tell her Happy Birthday each month even though she is 1? I think I will.

She woke in a fabulous mood today. She knows she is becoming a more mature lady! Emerson is rapidly changing now. Super chatty and attempting to repeat words everyday. Her words include Mama, Dada, Hi, Hey, Bye, Baby, Ball, Dog, No, Go, and Whoa. No is by far the favorite word of the moment much to our delight. She is always on the move now. Even though she can walk she prefers the speedy crawling way of travel. She loves to do handstands all day long. Which in my opinion resembles downward facing down pretty closely. Her favorite activity is holding our finger while walking. I think she would do it all day if she could. Although sometimes I trick her and she is walking by herself for awhile before she realizes it. Emerson has a combination of being social and anxiety. She waves at everyone whether she knows them or not. But, if they acknowledge her cuteness and get too close she'll freak out. This stranger anxiety is all a little new but I'm sure she will work through it soon enough. The toy of the moment is a shape sorter. She tries so hard to get the shapes in the right slot but still has a tough time matching it up. When we work together and it goes in she is so proud of herself and claps with excitement. Which brings me to her favorite song, "If you're happy and you know it." She loves it! It's guaranteed to bring a smile to her face and a clap on cue. We also sing a version in Mommy and Baby swim class which she really enjoys. I predict a summer full of fun at the pool! Happy Birthday Little E.!

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