Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bring a Friend

Not a day goes by that Emerson doesn't say, "Where did Addie go?"Literally every place we go she hopes she is also there.  So when it was bring a friend week at dance class Emerson knew exactly who she would invite. She absolutely loves Addie and was so excited to dance with her. The watched the big girls dance before their class began and were completely captivated.

I love seeing Emerson develop friendships. It's very sweet. I think here Emerson is looking at Addie's leotard wishing she had some stripes. Ha!

The girls walked in holding hands and even though Addie is a little younger than the rest of the girl's she did great! As you can see they had a good time dancing together. I'm sure they have many more memories ahead!


Lauren said...

So sweet. I love these photos! Thanks for sharing those!

The Landis Family said...

I can send you some. I have a really cute one of you her holding onto you.