Monday, October 24, 2011

State Fair

I was thrilled to go back to the fair this year. We went three times last year! This year instead of going on the popular can food day we went the day before. Notorious for being a slow day. On top of that it was a rainy, chilly day so it was perfect for crowd control. Before the fair started I bought a ride sheet. I didn't know if Emerson would be interested but figured she could ride some of the "kiddie" rides. Little did I know I had a little dare devil on my hands. First I spotted a carousel.  Emerson loves the carousel so I thought it was a perfect first ride. She hops on with Mark and the ride starts spinning super fast! Apparently it wasn't the little kiddie carousel. I was surprised when she didn't even flinch at the increase of speed. She hopped off and spotted the ferris wheel. I was hesitant but she was full steam ahead. No fear. This was no rinky dinky ferris wheel. It was a big ferris wheel with wobble buckets for seats!

I couldn't even spot Emerson because she was so tiny in comparison.
Until she turned around to peep out. Not the least bit concerned.  After the ferris wheel we found there were several rides she couldn't get on since she wasn't 36 inches. She wasn't thrilled about that. But, we found a few good ones and she had a ball and Ezra enjoyed watching her. He was laid back as ever, enjoying the fair from the stroller. We indulged with some homemade chips, cupcakes, and a corn on the cob. Food, my favorite part. 

Emerson also enjoyed looking at the farm animals. Although she was a little weary being so close to the big cows. They all had their calves and she loved seeing them. I have to admit I love it too as the animals are adorable to say the least.

Here is one of our favorites, a baby donkey. Emerson was insistent that she needed to touch it.  We also saw some super cute bunnies on the way out. She about took them out of the cage she wanted one so bad! After a fun filled time we headed out.

While enjoying the beautiful view of the fair.  Mark made sure to capture some of the fantastic lights. Can't wait until next year's fair! We might need two sheets of ride tickets. 

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