Wednesday, October 12, 2011


bean collage
Over the past couple weeks I've tried to do some intentional learning time with Emerson. She is pretty good at occupying herself and playing but I thought it might nice to try some new things. I can't remember where I saw this activity. Someone's blog or pinterest? But, scooping beans from one container to the other is the activity. It helps all those motor skills and it's needless to say fun for a two year old. I bought a $1 pack of eraser heads and hid them in the mix. She loved scooping back and forth. Even tried to eat a few beans. Everytime she would make it in she would say, "score!" Not sure where she got that! This activity has captivated her attention on several occasions. Never mind that I had to clean up about 300 of them from under the couch. We're learning, right? I guess I'm learning new cleaning techniques. Hopefully I can share a few things here and there that we are doing. I don't want to keep it too regimented but instead fun for us both. Wish us luck!

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