Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ezra 6 months

6 months has passed since Ezra made his debut into the world. Time really has just flown by and he has changed so much. I'm just amazed at the warm and sweet little boy that I get to love on every day. I continue to see his personality come out and he is really as happy as can be. He loves to have people dote over him. He will grin from ear to ear if some gives him some attention and he will turn his head as to appear shy. His legs are always moving, kicking up and down. You can just see his excitement throughout his whole body and I love it. The big difference this month is mobility. He is scooting along, way to fast for my preference. He can get on all fours with ease and plunges forward to get what he wants. He almost made it completely across the house the other day. So nothing is out of reach at this point. On more than one occasion he has tried to snatch Emerson's snacks. He's pretty close to sitting. He usually can prop himself up, but can sit for about 20 seconds. All this moving has made diaper changes difficult. He rolls over before I can get anything on and I can't seem to turn him over.  He's working on two teeth and it seems to be a very slow process. We are in desperate need of a teething necklace! Ezra still takes two solid naps a day. Night sleeping can still be tricky. He is starting to enjoy his sister, being entertained by her silliness. She likes to put a crown on him and call him Princess Ezra. He even loves going to storytime with her and I think enjoys it just as much as any toddler. Ezra loves any silly noise, or singing and will let out the most infectious chuckles. He is starting to show attachment to Mommy. Which I don't mind at all because I know it goes by all too fast. At the moment he loves any kind of teething toy, and any kind of bright stuffed animal. He also enjoys bathtime by kicking like crazy and dispersing all the water. He always tries to eat the wash cloth so now I give him one, and keep one for me to actually clean him.

Finally he is starting to get some fuzz on that head. Can you see it?
He has discovered he has a loud voice. He loves to squeal with excitement as well as blow raspberries. He has also started what looks like a growl when he gets excited. He raises his upper lip as to show me his "teeth."
All this movement has gotten him stuck a time or two. 
Here he is chewing on a teething toy, aka Emerson's bangles.  I don't have any official stats since our 6 month appointment is not until the end of the month. But, I'm sure he has gotten a little bigger. I hope to have official 6 month pictures in a week or so when he is sturdier at sitting.  Happy Birthday Ezra!

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