Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sibling Love

I attempted to take a few sibling shots of my kiddos. Of course a two year old and 1 month old don't take direction very well. Although Ezra listens better than E.! Ha! But, I caught a few cute moments.
I just love Emerson's smile here. I wanted her closer to her brother but she wasn't having it. Ezra staring at her is priceless. I thought a vintage processing looked nice for these two. Can you see the difference in skintone though between them?

A little more candid shots before Ezra's one month check-up. Doesn't he look like a little man? This is one of my favorite outfits for him. Emerson looked adorable as well and I did brush her hair. She just decided to mess it up right before I pressed the shutter. Typical. She likes the bedhead look.
I let her hold her little brother. She was so happy. Talking to him, and surprisingly more gentle than I would expect.
But, you can see Ezra was not thrilled. She kept saying, "K baby?." You can really see here how big he has gotten and how small she is. I think he will catch up with her very soon!


Nichole said...

She really is a peanut!!!

The Landis Family said...

Yep. All 20 pounds of her!