Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Little Princess

Emerson has gotten into dress-up and really being a girly girl. Although she still won't let me fix her and leave it for than 5 minutes. Working on that! But, anyways she is constantly wanting to wear jewelry, and sport some heels. It cracks me up when she loads up her arms with bags, puts on some heels and pushes her stroller. Ha! The other day I pulled out her clothes for dress-up so we could play. She picked our a glittery pink dress. I told her it was a princess dress. She wore this for a couple hours and she came upstairs later that day and said, "Mommy I'm a princess." It was adorable to say the least. 

When Mark got home we went for a wagon ride and we passed some of our neighbors. They had a tea cart which fittingly went with her princess attire. So heels and all she is strolling through our neighborhood like this. That is until she had a wardrobe malfunction and took a little spill. It's tough being a princess. 

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