Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting back in the swing

This was my first full week of making dinner. We have been so lucky to have friends and family bringing us yummy food I haven't had to cook on my own with kiddos. So this is how we got it done. The Moby. It seriously saved my life this week, as I cannot leave Ezra anywhere accessible to Miss E. He looks pretty cozy, doesn't he? Also great for shopping trips, church, and walks. :)

I also got to let Emerson do something fun. I pulled out her baby pool since we were in the 90's this week. Our patio becomes shaded after 4:30 so we broke out the bath toys. It's going to be tough this year for me take her to our pool in the full sun with Ezra. Also I'm not sure there is a cute bathing suit out there that covers all I want it too, and doesn't look super mommish. Sigh.  I think I'll be wearing my maternity one and yes it still fits. We pulled out Emerson's bathing suit from last year and it was a wee bit tight. One of the first times anything has been tight on her in awhile.

We both enjoyed a strawberry popsicle. Perfect for the beginning of summer! Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. Maybe next week I will post my birth story. It was much more emotional for me than Emerson's birth but I think the hormones may have subsided enough for me to write it. We shall see. 

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