Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures

I was super documentary this weekend trying to capture little moments. On Friday afternoon when Emerson woke up from her nap I could not stop laughing at her hair. So I just had to get a picture. The poor girl had soaking wet hair. I couldn't figure out why she was so hot in a tank top with a fan until Sunday I found her napping with a plush blanket over her head. Yep, that will do it.

Emerson worked on a birthday card for her cousin Avery. Sticker decorating as a favorite so I let her go to town. She made a beautiful card. I thought she was finished and when I checked back in she had decided they all looked better on her body as tattoos.

I'm still finding these little tiny stickers everywhere.

Saturday, Ezra took a snooze in his sister's crib. It can be a good place to avoid your sister and get some good zzz's. 

He also pulled out the Elvis lip.
Emerson let me put her hair up for one of the first times in forever! She wore it up for a good part of the day. She looks so much older with pig tails. Yes, she is color on a book that is bigger than her. 

Ezra and I got our picture together at the birthday party.  We also unknowingly wore matching outfits. :) Ezra gave me a real smile on Saturday. The kind that makes your heart explode. Have I told you I love this little boy?!?
During naptime the boys hung out on the porch. Ezra says, "Whassup?"

Sunday we went to Duke Gardens for a picnic. After a couple hours of getting ready we grabbed a spot and Emerson grabbed some chips. We noticed it wasn't very busy and after a few minutes we realized why. It was hot, hot, hot. After hanging out we treated ourselves to ice cream. We got Emerson her kid cup of strawberry, I got dulche de leche.  She asked to taste mine so I obliged. She proceeds to eat a good portion of mine so I eat a bite of hers. When it was near finished she hands me my empty cup, then takes the pretty full strawberry and puts it on the other side of her and says, "Mine." Nice move. 

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