Friday, May 20, 2011

The Mom of two routine

Because we must start with an adorable picture. I think this is his Elvis impersonation.
Anyways we're working on getting this mom of two thing down. I've heard lots of women of many kiddos say that going from one to two is the hardest transition and whew it's been tough. Getting out and about is a whole other obstacle. I get dressed a couple hours before needing to go and inevitably we all need a few more clothing changes before go. Between telling a two year old multiple times, "You cannot squeeze your brother's head." "Seriously, you can't lay on top of him." "Really, he doesn't like your finger in his mouth." I'm about done. Ha! Hopefully as the days go by we will get into a better routine and my toddler will get the wax out of her ears. So my hat's off to all you Mamas out there taking care of your babies. Now I'm going to to enjoy a few minutes of both kids napping. It's rare!

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