Thursday, February 25, 2010


We are in the middle of party planning mode. So it feels a little hectic at the moment. I can remember this time last year getting ready to go to the hospital and speed walking through the neighborhood totally ignoring my bed rest orders. Ha! I was hopeful until the very end. Of course it didn't induce labor. Just made me tired and have to pee. Which in retrospect wasn't a good idea considering that was the beginning of my almost 3 days of no sleep! This year I'm well rested and we got to see beautiful snow this morning. The large fluffy kind that looks like cotton balls. It was gorgeous. But, alas the sun has come out and melted our snow. I'm currently writing my to-do list and trying organize the million things I need to get prepped and done before Saturday. Lists make me feel better even though I'm really not an organized person. Tonight I'll make the buttercream icing and hopeful not eat too much of it. :) I've tried to offer some yogart to E. this week mixed with applesauce since that will be kind of what her "icing" will be. It actually tastes pretty good. Her enthusiasm is minimal as she shakes her head "No" when I ask if she wants any. She has had maybe a speck in her mouth and gagged but didn't throw up. Progress I suppose. But, she does like to play with it which should be fun on her birthday. Speaking of fun I think Emerson said "ball" yesterday. We were playing with her pink ball which is her favorite and I had it and she reached out and said what sounded like "ball." I've come to the conclusion you can never really know if it's a real word. In my opinion it's hard to understand the majority of children's vocabulary before age 2 so you can pretty much make up anything it sounds like to you. But, the sound combined with the object in clear view is pretty impressive. She also says bye after I say bye when getting off the phone. Too cute! I don't have any pictures so here is a little video. It's not recent but it's all I got. Maybe 2 weeks ago or longer??? Enjoy!

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