Friday, February 5, 2010

Show us your Life Firda

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today on Show Us your Life Friday - we are talking Beauty tips and Hair and Make-Up products! So this is probably the thing I should I be talking about the least since my beauty product knowledge has dropped off in the last year. I use to love make-up and now I hardly wear it. Emerson appreciates my natural beauty. ;) But, I will attempt to give my two cents for all that it's worth. I've gotten really into natural products since becoming pregnant and not wanting any additional chemicals in my body or carcinogens. I've become a big of Jason's beauty products. I buy my stuff at Earthfare but I occasionally see it at Target now, and of course Whole Foods.
I also enjoy their apricot body wash. I am also a fan of Burt's Bee's conditioner. It's smells amazing and is so creamy and moisturizing. Again you can find it at Target. Like I said I don't wear that much make-up anymore but I do have a favorite cheap mascara. Cover Girl Lash Exact is great, doesn't clump, and runs about $6. If you want to really splurge YSL mascara is to do die for and really makes you look like you got fake lashes put on. Plus it smells like roses if you're into that. Ha. But, for now I'm a bargain girl and Cover Girl will do. I use to buy all kinds of eyeshadow from where ever but, when I got married I went to Sephora and discovered LORAC. I have this Croc Palette with four eyeshadows and a blush. They are wet dry shadows and really the most beautiful colors on. A little bronze and pink mixed. I got married 3 years ago and still use it! It is running low but I'm sure I will purchase again. I don't wear lipgloss anymore because I'm constantly smooching Emerson and she is so sensitive to beauty products. But, if I had to go all out I love Stila Lip Glaze. It's a little on the pricier side but if you take really good care of it, it last a good while. Oh and they are scented! One year I had a pumpkin spice variety and it was amazing. But, then I ran over it with my car. Sigh. At Christmas time they usually sell the variety sample packs of 5 for $20 but the sell out super quick. That's about the extent of my beauty tips. As far as hair I have a flat iron, hair dryer, etc. but I usually let it air dry. Ha!


Lesli said...

First of all.. Emerson is so adorable.. I love your header picture, it is just gorgeous!! They only make up I ever use is Bare Minerals, I bet you would like it since it is all natural.. it can be a little pricey but it lasts FOREVER!! I also use a cheapy mascara by Maybelline..I love finding cheap products that you really like!! And yes Stila is a favorite lip gloss as well...I am sorry you ran over!!! Thanks for sharing, I have enjoyed reading your post!

Have a great weekend!

Amy and Mark said...

I do love Bare Minerals! I borrow my Stepmom's all the time when we visit. It's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Emerson is PRECIOUS!!!! Like your list alot and LOVE your blog!! I'm now a new follower!! Head over and chck out mine girl!!

cza said...

I also love the Stila Lip Glazes. I signed up online at their website and they have periodic, fantastic sales.
BTW, do you know who founded Stila? It is the wife of Anthony Edwards, (the Dr. on ER)

Amy and Mark said...

What a neat fact about Stila! I love things like that. :)