Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun in the sun

Friday we had a special treat. Mark took the afternoon off to spend with us and the weather was great. We took advantage and headed for a hike in the park.

It wasn't incredibly warm but still a big improvement from what it has been lately. We soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed every minute of it. It was so much fun! I was hoping to be sore from our hike and jump start my get in shape crusade but sadly I wasn't. Except maybe my back which just kind of makes me feel old not fit.

I thought Emerson would pass out for her afternoon nap but she was way too interested in enjoying the view. She loved watching the dog run around like a nut.
When we reached the lake we practiced walking a bit. She doesn't seem to interested in starting on her own anytime soon which is fine by me!

Although she is getting pretty fast walking like this she prefers to drop down and crawl.
"Now how do I get this off?"
Mia tried to coax Emerson into setting her loose so she could jump in the lake. She almost fell for it!

Mark with his girls
Sunday was even better weather and we hit up the playground. We even took the dog again and she did great. She has come a long way with kids since this time last year. She even let a toddler pet her! We had so much fun outside we kind of forgot to get some shopping done for the birthday. You know the big one! So hopefully we'll get a jump on it because it's coming fast. I plan on making E. a healthy baby cake. It doesn't have sugar or anything in case she decides she wants some. Which I seriously doubt she will but in the off case she did I would really hate her stuffing sugar in her mouth when she rejects all other forms of food. We have plenty of time for a sweet tooth to develop. Why rush it?

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