Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So Emerson slept in her crib for the first time for an extended amount of time. I've been putting her down every night at 8pm and it's worked out pretty well. We had a little hiccup last night around 9:30 but she was passed out again at 10pm. She was sleeping so well I decided to leave her in there in hopes she would sleep through the night. A girl can dream right? I have to admit it took me about 15 minutes to leave her in the room, double checking everything. Is she still breathing? Is this a sleep hazard? Is the fan too cold? Is it too hot? Finally I went to bed anxious and honestly had a tough time going to sleep. Ugh. Around 3:30am I heard her a little voice and jumped up to find her crying in her crib. I picked her up and headed towards our room. I nursed her and hoped she would go back to sleep as she usually does. An hour and a half later of kicking, crying, attempting to crawl off the bed I was a little tired of it. Seriously we have never had a wake up for that long. I was laying there thinking, "Is this progress?" I mean she slept for longer than she ever had in the crib but we definitely paid for it. She took her first nap at 9am for 2 hours followed by another one at 1pm. Now at 5ish we are taking a third nap and frankly she hasn't been herself today. So I'm not really sure if I will try this again in tonight. I think I would rather have an early 5am wake up call than an all niter.


Missy Talbert said...

We did the whole "Feber Method" sleep training back when Jackson was 4 months old (I caved) & then again when he was 6 months old (it worked!) Now when we put him down in his crib, he knows its night-night time & even if he's wide awake, he puts himself to sleep. Trust me, it took many nights letting him cry it out & it was so hard but totally worth it now!

Amy and Mark said...

I'm know I'm not the cry it out kind of Momma! Ha.