Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ezra 8 Months

I can't even say Ezra is 8 months old. Seems totally bizarre. He is definitely getting around very easily. Pulling up and crawling with ease. He even speeds up his crawl if he is trying to get to one of us. It's really the cutest thing as he giggles to himself. Ezra is definitely a ham. He smiles and loves when we acknowledge his accomplishments. He'll let out a huge grin and laughs and laughs. He is starting to begin entertained by his sister. He laughs at her like he totally knows what she is saying. I suppose it's that sibling connection. Lots of babbling going on now with bababa's. He also does a high pitched squeal when he is super sleepy. He's also is sticking his tongue out all the time now. He folds it and sticks it to the side when he is happy, leaves it out loose when he is relaxed. It cracks me up. Ezra has one tooth now that he worked very hard on getting. But, it didn't do anything for his interest in eating. He has been offered pumpkin, banana, avocado, apples, squash, and sweet potatoes and turned down every single one.  So all that chub is courtesy of Mama's milk. I estimate he is almost 19 lbs. Right now he likes to tear up paper for fun, chew on his socks, and push a ball around. He is still not loving the nursery. Hopefully he will eventually figure out that there are much more interesting toys there than our house! We won't even talk about his sleeping patterns. :)

This picture is from November but I couldn't resist sharing. I think we have a little model in the making.

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