Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ezra 7 Months

Here are some pictures that I took of Ezra when he turned 7 months. Finally. Things have been busy here so I'm sure all my posts in the near future will be recapping events that happened a month or two or more ago. The leaves were at their peak. Gorgeous warm color. Ezra is such a happy guy and the camera loves him. I was dying for the shot with that infamous grin and the beautiful leaves in the background. But, I soon found out Ezra loves the camera but he loves grass and leaves more. I was jumping like a maniac, making all sorts of noises and getting nowhere. 

A few grins but still looking down. I just love the warmth though and the beautiful bokeh. This is one of the biggest reasons I prefer outdoor pictures. Especially during fall, my season.

In true boy form he turned and gave me a growl. 

Then the money shot. No eye contact but I can't get enough of this sweet grin and chubby cheeks.

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