Thursday, April 21, 2011


Who would have thought that we could have such a happy guy?!
Seriously have you ever seen a week old baby smile so much?

I finally got some pictures of Emerson! I just told her how pretty she was. It held her attention for 15 seconds. Check out those lashes! I would kill for those lashes. 
Since Ezra was born Emerson has appeared huge to me. All 20lbs of her. She always seemed so tiny and still like a baby but now I look at her and think how much she has grown up. Especially when she lets me put her hair up. 
A little cheese for ya.
And a poise in her seventies inspired jump suit. The orange flip flops were her choice. :) Hope everyone has a nice Easter. Luckily I put together Emerson's basket in February in preparation for a busy month in April.  I didn't make her a dress this year. It just seemed like too much. But, we'll get back with that tradition next year. So we are all set to celebrate! Happy Easter!

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