Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Week in pictures

Hard to believe Ezra is a week old. Here is the first picture of me with both the kiddos. We have yet to get a full family picture yet. 

I'm still not sure who Ezra looks like. Definitely nothing like his sister. He even has different noises. Much deeper, manly noises! He also has some serious belches for such a little guy.

Emerson loves Ezra and always ask me where he is if I show up without him.

I love to watch newborns sleep. Ezra is so peaceful.
Chatting with Dad on Day 2. He already looks chubbier than this now!

We ended our week with our first bath. Ezra's cord already fell off so we gave him the full bath. He did really well and seemed to enjoy the warm soak. Maybe it's because he was a water baby. I love his eyes here. He opens them super wide when he hears something new. Ha!

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Mitzi G. said...

What a beautiful family & the last photo is too cute!