Thursday, April 7, 2011

38 Weeks

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but Emerson has napped twice in the last two weeks. This being one of those days I can do a blog post. Weeks have flown by and I'm full term with 2 weeks to go. I've packed my bag and folded all his clothes. So for the most part we are ready. Mark and I have scheduled to do a full scale cleaning this weekend. Hopefully Baby can hold off a few days so I can finish up the edits for my last two photo sessions. I've literally edited over a 100 pictures this week, working feverishly in case we had an early birthday. Although I don't have any reason to think he'll make his appearance soon. He is lower but no signs other than that. I'm pretty convinced I'll go past my due date. I'm feeling very pregnant, and more uncomfortable than with E. But, of course I'm much bigger. I'm much more active too, chasing a toddler whereas with E. I was on bedrest at this point laying on the couch everyday watching movies. :) I'm trying to enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy, prepare for the little guy that is about to arrive, and prepare to be a family of four.

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