Friday, April 29, 2011

We survived

We survived the first week that is of just me and the kiddos! With lots of help from Elmo, I managed to keep Emerson from playing with Ezra like a doll and I was able to eat occasionally. I've never really sat Emerson in front of a tv before but I must say it worked like a charm! I did go back to my produce delivering job yesterday and all I have to say is there is probably a reason women go on maternity leave. :) But slowly we are getting into the swing of things. I knew things would be an adjustment and it's definitely tough to balance two little ones. Let's hope each week gets easier and easier. Emerson is starting to take back her resentment of her Mama and she has napped 3 days this week in her crib which I am certainly thankful for. Thanks to all of our friends and family that have brought us dinners! When I have to start cooking again will be a whole other story. :)

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