Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We've been trying to stay cool in this ridiculous heat. Which means staying inside or pool time! Emerson absolutely loves water. You can see her having a blast on our concrete beach. I think she enjoys the concrete beach a little more than this time last year. We've been sporting some new hair do's. E. is bringing the 80's back with her side pony style.
She is also an expert at giving the stare down. Here she is eye balling our neighbor who is walking over. Then of course she realized she knew him and took down the intensity. I don't think she will ever be a push-over, do you?!?
I've been sneaking healthy snacks into Emerson's diet because I'll be honest she really only likes food in bread forms. I made this concoction of watermelon and veggie/fruit juice popsicles. Sounds weird but it was surprisingly tasty as seen by her face.
This is the face she gives when she wants more. She gets really tense and squeezes her fist. I need it on camera because it cracks me up. Not sure where she got it!

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