Tuesday, July 6, 2010

16 months

Long time no blog, huh? We've been sick, on vacation, then recovering from vacation and trying to get back into the swing of things. I haven't taken 16 month pictures of Emerson yet. But, I figured I might as well post something before she is 17 months. :) One of the most noticeably developments to me is her eagerness to talk and communicate. She answers questions. Can make statements about what she wants for example she said, "Dada bubbles," the other day when she wanted Mark to blow her some good bubbles. She really seems to understand a whole lot. She knows her body parts, and will even say "eye." We went through a period of stranger anxiety and she seems to have done a complete turn around. In the airport she insisted on talking to every person there. It was the cutest thing ever! When we went grocery shopping last night she said hi to every person we passed. If they didn't acknowledge her she just said it louder! She has even cried when I have picked her up from church nursery. Apparently they are much more fun than me. Ha! Her favorite activities are taking things out of drawers, pushing things, and carrying (buckets, purses, whatever..) E. still has a slight obsession with balls, completely freaking out if I buy a melon at the store and don't hand it to her to play with. Emerson even has a strawberry shortcake basketball goal that she loves to dunk in. She loves to go to the pool and will even kick her legs and try to swim. A little fish I tell ya.
She is a very sweet girl and loves to give kisses and hugs and will try to position herself in your lap if you are on her level. She has 8 teeth and two coming in. Which is good for her since she just recently became interested in food! Out of the blue she loves the bananas she has loathed for 6 months. She also is ecstatic about pb&j sandwiches, cheerios, and crackers. Unfortunately she won't touch veggies but I've secretly slipped them into a healthy veggie pancake which is even tasty to me. Just don't tell her it's good for her. I'm confident that she will continue to add more and more food as time goes on. Emerson is super active and wears me out. We don't take baths too much anymore since she climbs out. Instead I put her in the shower and she loves it. She will get in if the door is open so I have to watch her.
Emerson is quite the problem solver. She loves to put things back together whether it's a cap that came off the bottle or her shoe that she took off. She will even try to put the dog collar on Mia. Even though she dislikes hairbows she will try to put it in if she takes it out.
She loves to be apart of the conversation now and will fake laugh at anything anyone else is laughing at. I need it on camera because it's hysterical. We just have so much fun with her and love her to pieces!
I hope to have some official pictures soon!

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