Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's hot!

Yesterday I attempted to do some 16 month photos of Emerson. We headed out to a new location to scout out some cool spots. I jumped up and down, sang songs, and all I got was this. Not a single smile. Just the stare. It was hot I can admit. I didn't realize how hot until I got home and saw the forecast for 102! Not exactly ideal weather for a toddler. Once we were in the AC she was in a much better mood.
Didn't I say she was sweet? So lovey dovey.
Hugging her seahorse who desperately needs some batteries. It's starting to sound pretty sad. None the less she gave him some love.

I know everyone says she is skinny but check-out that double chin!
After she cooled down she was back to her goofy self.
and loving some attention.
But then she busted her lip and the fun ended. Time to lower the crib!

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