Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two weeks..really?

Has it really been two weeks since a blog post? Oops! We've been super busy and time has seemed to fly by. Here are a few pictures to hold you over of Emerson and her cousin Avery enjoying a wagon ride over July 4th. This girl loves living on the edge! She is such a dare devil. Too much so for her mother's taste.
Yep, we are talking about you E.!
As you can see the girls enjoyed a speedy ride in the wagon at the Grandparents. Hopefully I can post some pics soon! Maybe even our vacation. Was it really a month ago? In the meantime Emerson is super chatty, sassy, sweet, and I put her in time-out for the first time today. You can imagine how that went. Our little girl is growing up!

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