Monday, March 22, 2010

Our week

So I slacked in blogging for the past week but thats because we've been on the go. We were blessed with some gorgeous weather and it was about time to get out of the house and enjoy it! We went to the park and got down and dirty.
Emerson crawled around for a good hour rolling in the dirt. I gave up after 10 minutes of her squirming in my arms. You can she was pretty excited to play in the sand. So much so that she had a little bite. Yummy!
I finally took off her shoes because they were getting disgusting. But then she didn't know what to think of the cools and on her toes and was frozen. She kept lifting her feet up so she wouldn't touch anything.
Emerson also had a play date with her friend Lilah. I think she was amazed by all the toys and books that she was super quiet for almost 45 minutes. Then she saw animals and went wild! Lilah was kind enough to put a headband on Emerson's head. Girls are already playing dress up.
We also took a little stroll around the lake on one of the prettiest days. Can it stay 70 degrees everyday? Emerson had a good time yelling at all the dogs passing by. She can know go woof like a dog. She's so smart!
Saturday was again very warm and sunny. Absolutely gorgeous. We headed to Duke Gardens and E. was on the go investigating the landscaping. She kept trying to climb over this and I have to give it to her she's confident and persistent.
She also enjoyed walking with her Dad. She loves to walk while holding our hands now. She is standing for long periods of time now so I think it's only a matter of time before she takes those first steps. She's pretty fast when she's with us. I'm sure she will be running in no time!

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Nicole Johnson said...

Go Emerson Go! I'm excited to see her walk soon!