Monday, March 15, 2010

12 month pictures

So after party planning, party executing, and enjoying the sudden pleasant weather around here I forgot to take Emerson's 12 month pictures. Then I realized her birthday was 3 weeks ago. Better late than never I suppose. Then I had to think of an idea. Of course she had to wear her birthday shirt made by Sweet Couture on Etsy. I'm for sure going to order from her again. The shirt is undeniably adorable. So I figured our bright xylophone would fit perfectly with the color scheme of her shirt and at the same time occupy her.
Turns out taking pictures doesn't get much easier at 12 months.
She found it interesting for about a minute then realized there was other stuff in the room.

And found new use for the stick. Can you tell she has been around a dog a lot? She carries her toys around just like her!
She's proud of that!
I just love this mischievous grin before she takes off.

Her destination?

My trusty nightstand, guaranteed to have something to tear up and where she can get some reading done.

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