Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Mommy Tips

I figured I would share some of the things I've learned in my first two months. I know my experience is extensive and you will be majorly impressed with my knowledge. :) So here it goes. Take it or leave it. 
  1. Only get hand-me-downs or clearance clothes for your little one.  Their clothes will either get destroyed beyond belief or never worn.  So why pay any significant amount of money on it. This is why Target clearance is my friend. 
  2. Hold off on the big baby purchases or borrow from a friend. Who knows if your baby will absolutely love your $100 swing or scream bloody murder. Try someone elses' out before you invest.
  3. Stock up on burp cloths. I mean really really stock up. Infants have more fluid than you can imagine in their little bodies.  Oddly enough I never even thought of buying burp cloths before Emerson was born. I think pregnancy zapped my brain power. I only have 8 and she can easily go through them in one day. I'm not exaggerating. 
  4. If you want to sleep with or close to your baby do it. Don't worry about what others think. Why stay up half the night when you both could be snoozing?  After all it's only western cultures who have created this phenomena of children sleeping in their own room. The countries with much lower SIDS rates or where it's even unheard of practice safe co-sleeping. Take Hong Kong who has the highest % of co sleeping. They also have the lowest SIDS rates. Coincidence? I think not. SAFE SLEEP SHARING
  5. Invest in a baby carrier or snag a used one. This has been a lifesaver. We have a $5 snugli from a consignment sale and have used it almost every day. I can take Emerson to the grocery store or walk the dog and still have free hands. This is especially essential for those kids who hate their carseats. Emerson, please raise your hand. I wish I had put some money into a Moby Wrap because I know now Emerson would have loved it. If anyone wants to throw one my way that would be cool. 
  6. Don't worry about sleep schedules right now. My kid slept until 9:30am and is already taking a nap. Am I going to wake her? Ummm, no! She is obviously tired. Follow their cues and you'll be fine. I know I can say this now since Emerson is a super sleeper at night. I use to worry about how long her naps were and timing. But, once I let go I feel so much better and she rarely keeps us up at night. Maybe twice.  So if someone tries to wake up your passed out baby take them down quickly. Possibly using some silent Kung Fu as to not make a lot of noise. I'm just kidding but you get the point. 
  7. Own your role as parent. A lot of people will give their two cents but you are the one who is in control. 
  8. Don't make plans too far out. Who knows what you will be doing in a year or two. Take it day by day. 


Nichole said...

Very nice! Target clearance is my BFF too, and Childrens Place when they do the 40% clearance prices sale. My only point of contention is burp rags - Finn has spit up less than 5 times in his life. He is just not a spitter! I also wish you had said something about the moby a week ago, I literally just got rid of mine, I wasn't using it anymore and prefer the Beco now.

Amy and Mark said...

I have a projectile spit-up baby. lol. She gets me every time she nurses.