Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Months Old

Today Emerson is 3 months. Yesterday her cousin, Avery was born making them a day short of being 3 months apart. Pretty cool, huh? We can't wait to meet her! 

Emerson has changed so much. She becomes more interactive every day and we get to see her personality forming. So far she is still pretty laid back. She enjoys just hanging out with no hoopla. Just chatting with her or reading a book makes her super happy. She loves to just hang out in my sling and take everything in. The other day she laughed for the first time at her Daddy. We won't hold that against her though, we all think he is funny looking. :) New this month she is starting to turn in circles by kicking her little legs. She is constantly moving but luckily hasn't rolled over yet. She has also discovered that she has hands and they are very 
yummy. She tries to put both fists and her paci in at the same time. Her mouth is constantly making bubbles and she is stuck on sticking her tongue out all the time. In fact we did a photo shoot today and she stuck her tongue out for the first hour. (Those pics to come soon, we only took a 100).  But, to give you a taste of how cute our little chica is look at her reaction when I sang Happy Birthday to her. 

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