Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was reading a fun post on a blog I sometimes follow and it's hilarious. Maybe some of you Mom's can relate to forgetting the discomfort of childbirth. For some reason I can't really even remember the pain level anymore except for the pushing stage. How did that happen? 24 hours of labor, (21 of which were drug-free), not that the epidural did a whole lot since the pain I remember was at the end. Haha. Even after all that I still absolutely want an all-natural birth for baby dos. So yep I have momnesia where memories of labor are all cheery. But, I suppose that is a gift so we can all go on to get pregnant again without hesitation.  An adorable baby at home doesn't hurt either. Although I in no way have baby fever and do not plan on it for a good while. If you care to read the bit on Momnesia go here.

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