Friday, May 1, 2009

Diaper Rash I hate you!!!

Emerson has had a persistent diaper rash that won't seem to go away. We've given up baby wipes, soaked in baking soda, used mylanta, and I've started drinking rice milk. Yes rice milk. How they make milk our of rick I'll never know. But, now I have to stop dairy completely. That means nothing, not an ounce of cheese! I don't eat much meat so I love some cheese and I really enjoyed my bowl of chocolate ice cream last night. But if it will kick diaper rashes butt I'll try it. So goodbye dairy for now. I'll miss you. Tear.


Nichole said...

Try letting her go coverless when your just hanging around the house - you may need to put an extra diaper under her where ever she is laying, but it will help her air out, which will help the rash.

Amy and Mark said...

The drying out part is killing me. I thought diaper rash was from too much moisture. But her skin is flaking now. So frustrating. I tried the coverless thing and she immediately peed through it onto my clothes. :)