Thursday, April 23, 2009

Milk does a body good.

Look at those muscles work!
Emerson went in for her 2 month old check-up today and she weighs a whopping 8lb 130z. Up a whole pound in three weeks. Her ped. told me she is going to be an early roller with her strong muscles and excellent neck control. Yikes! I'm going to Babies R Us tomorrow to buy a mesh bed rail. All in all the Doctor thinks she looks great. Except for a diaper rash which the solution is lots of naked time. Emerson doesn't have a problem with that! Best of all the Doctor agreed that delaying vaccines until 4 months is completely fine since she is exclusively breast fed and not in daycare. So we were spared all the tears. Now if I could just win The Vaccine Book on ebay we would be all set. I'm on my third bid so cross your fingers that I finally succeed.

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