Monday, April 27, 2009

2 months old!

It's hard to believe little Emerson is already 2 months old! She has changed so much. I love to see the amazement in her eyes when she looks at things and you can just see the wheels turning. It's sad how fast she is growing up but I'm really trying to enjoy each stage. Now she will turn her head to follow me across the room if I walk away. Makes me feel missed. :) Emerson loves to be sung too. Her favorite song is "Hey Good Looking." Not sure why but it cracks her up. I put up last months photo so you can see the difference in growth. She noticeably has a much fuller face. Not sure about the color difference in the photos. They were taken in the same place in the house. My photography skills are still in progress. Ignore the giraffe though. It was suppose to be a size marker. But it fell down in the 2 month pic so it looks much bigger. She definitely didn't grow that much! Since she is so big now I decided to try the bumbo. Contrary to the photo she can really hold her head up quite well. But I suppose its just too early for it yet. She is too tiny!
Bumbo Failure

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Nichole said...

She's chunking up! How cute!! Also, I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, or if you've tried them, we switched to all thirsties covers, and I like the soooo much better than the Bummi's, they're definitely worth checking out!