Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Dr. Visit

She wasn't too happy about getting up early

Today Emerson and I had to get up and going a little earlier than usual because she had her 1 month check-up. So around 8 we get up so I can get us ready. First I get dressed and presentable. Then I wash Emerson's hair. While I'm holding her over the sink she decides this is a good time to pee. Lucky for me I got hit on my shirt and pants. Lucky for Mia some hit her water bowl. After I rinse her off I take her to the changing table where she spits up on her newly washed hair. Ugggh. So she gets a brief wash with a baby wipe. haha. We go downstairs and I nurse Emerson afterwards she projectile spits up on me and herself. So having both pee and spit-up on my just picked up outfit I think I might need to change. After we are changed again I nurse Emerson two more times and we are ready to go! 2 hours later. So next time we need to go anywhere allow two hours minimum for the many mishaps that can occur. Anyways Emerson's appointment went great. She now weighs a whopping 7lb 12.5 oz.  Her Dr. said she is very alert and has excellent head control for a baby her age. :) Plus news to us we don't have to use baby soap to bath her. We can just use warm water. Who would've thought that?!?

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