Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I was doing a little research on and came across these statistics. I couldn't believe how low the U.S.'s bfing statistics were in comparison to the rest of the world. Granted they are a little old but still. Its really quite sad how the US went through a period when it was almost non-existent. Even today many turn to formula all too soon. Why would you stop breastfeeding only to have to supplement with something that cannot compare? I was listening to a good podcast the other day that noted formula was created to be used when breastfeeding was not an option, not for the purpose to replace it. It was created by pharmaceutical companies none the less. So why do so many mothers still stop so soon? I at this point do not see how it can be any "easier" to make a bottle than breastfeed. It's such a great bonding experience for mommy and baby and beneficial for them both. 

The World Health Organization and UNICEF have recommended for a decade that mothers breastfeed for at least two years. But most US women who nurse stop before their baby is six months old - and many never start at all. How do other countries stack up?

Breastfeeding Rates Around the World
Country % of mothers who start
Sweden 98
Norway 98
Poland 93
Canada 80
Britain 63
United States 57
Sources: Baby Milk Action, Cambridge, England; Center for Breastfeeding Information, Schaumburg, IL

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Nichole said...

Sadly I'm not surprised. Too many women are given misinformation about breastfeeding. I know soooo many people who say "I wasn't producing enough" or "He was always hungry" who with the right information would be able to breastfeed much much longer.