Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Halloween

We are behind on post to say the least. So instead of Christmas I have Halloween! The week before Halloween we went to Earthfare for their celebration. It was really hot so Ezra didn't wear his costume. He was sweating like crazy in a t-shirt. They enjoyed painting pumpkins. Emerson's dreams came true when she had her face painted. 
I'm glad I took a picture of our her little gingham bows because they haven't been seen since that day. I loved the sign about the plastic bags. Ha!

The next week for the real Halloween Ezra got to dress up.

Ezra was our ferocious lion and had his roaring down pat.

Of course he was a companion to...
our Dorothy

The novelty of Ezra's costume wore off pretty quickly. 

We went to storytime at the library and Ezra was not too comfortable around all the costumes. He was especially suspicious of a skeleton.

Emerson kept in character and found the witch!

Signing a fun song. At the end they trick or treated around the library. I was glad this year it wasn't full of candy. More stickers and non-sugary items. We had plenty of that already! The funniest thing that happened was when the kids trick or treated at Dad's work. Ezra saw a full bucket that was intended for kids to come by and grab a treat. He took one candy from his basket put it in that one. Then proceeded to take the completely full bucket with him. HA!

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