Friday, January 4, 2013

Ezra 20 months

This guy is 20 months. Which to me is getting much too close to two. This month his conversation skills have picked up even more. He says, "It fall," "It broke," and "It stuck." Recently he has started calling me Mom. I'm sorry I thought you were one not six. This week he started saying, "It funny." Which of course we think is funny. The other day a kid fell off the bottom of the slide and Ezra started laughing saying, "It funny, it funny." We'll have to work on empathy. Also he has been asking for "help," and requesting his favorite jacket and boots.  He has started full on running instead of just fast walking. 

Ezra is also easily tickled by silly faces.

At least someone thinks I'm funny. :)

After a couple weeks of a light appetite with being sick he has picked back up with eating well. He enjoyed the holiday treats of fruit cake, sausage balls, and breakfast casserole. Although he has decided he doesn't like oranges anymore.  A favorite snack he use eat a couple times a day. He has grown so much into a little boy in the past couple of months I can't even imagine what he'll be like in October!

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