Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Haircut

Awhile back Ezra had his first haircut. I loved it long with his cute waves. But, after several girl comments I figured I didn't want to have to put it in a pony tail. I requested that the sides would be left untouched since I loved the blonde curls. He got nice layers up the back and a couple inches off. 

Emerson was even treated to having her hair curled. Our hair stylist is great at keeping the kids happy!

He seemed okay with it.

Then not so much. Ha!

Here is with his new trim but maintained his little swoop on the sides. Sadly though this wavy hair in the back hasn't really come back. :( I had a little remorse after the fact because it made him so grown up! Although now a couple months later it's long again and in his eyes. I know Emerson wishes her hair would grow as fast as his!

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