Saturday, April 7, 2012

Farm Days

The other week we headed to NC State's Farm Days. It's a free event where there are tons of animals that the kids can look at and even touch some of them. I had Emerson stand in the field when we go there. "Wide Open Spaces" by Dixie Chicks kept replaying in my mind.  It was a beautiful day. We were blessed with the most gorgeous weather for an outing.

We met some friends there. The girls immediately held hands and walked together. I couldn't get over how cute they were with their matching bobs. This week Emerson's three year update via email said she would begin to understand what friends are.

It melted my heart to see her so excited to see her friends and being loving towards them. 

There a million kids there. It was insane! But, they managed to find an empty fence to peak in at the pigs.

They took at turn at learning to milk a cow!

Then took a look at a calf. They were only about 4 weeks and super cute.

Her climbing skills were a little surprising. They got a better look at the foal. Emerson told me she was going to ride the Mama horse when she got bigger. The girls also got to hold baby chicks. There were adorable. Although I felt bad for them being passed around so much. But, they were good sports.

At the end there was free ice cream! Everyone picked there flavors and of course at the end wanted someone elses. So there was lots of sharing going on. It ended up that Emerson ate all of hers and most of mine. Stinker!

Ezra woke up half way through and just in time for our picnic. This was the best shot of the four of them. Ezra is the only one looking! But for four kids 0-3 that's success. He had a great time in the grass and the girls chowed down and were in awe of all the big kids from school. It was such a fun time. By the time we left we had spent over 3 hours there! It flew by. Unfortunately Ezra got sunburned even though he was lathered in spf 30. Turns out he is rather fair skinned. :(

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