Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cake Time!

Ezra shares a birthday with one of Emerson's little friends. So we headed to Pullen Park to celebrate with a picnic and rides. Ezra was the only boy, but didn't mind one bit! It was actually a very chilly day for April. So we were bundled up! My friend Laura, made us an amazing picnic. Sandwiches, chips, fruit, and cupcakes for all. Even chicken salad for the mommies. Afterwards we rode the carousel.  Ezra wasn't the biggest fan and I have to admit it's kinda fast.

The girls 

Emerson took a ride in the boats. To be honest it was a nightmare with her literally trying to jump ship. We are lucky we weren't banned from the ride!  But, she seemed to enjoy it none the less. 

Ezra was content to walk around since he was too small for the ride. 

That night I made Ezra's favorite, pizza. He chowed down and loved it! I made him some vanilla cupcakes from scratch. Ezra got excited to have us sing to him. He was a little too eager though to grab the flame of the candle. He investigated the cupcake then went in for a bite. He pretty much ate the entire thing! So much different than Emerson's first birthday. She didn't know what she was missing! 

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